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“With fall comes cooler weather and young children do not have the ability to know when they are getting cold. As adults, we are charge of what our children wear (not the weather report, not our children). Step outside in the morning and feel the air, than think about where Singing Cedars is located. The wind blows from the North and North West and it is generally a bit colder and windier here. Keep your children’s extra clothes bag full. Be sure that it contains two of each of the following: socks • undies • long pants • long sleeve shirts. As the weather cools, dress children in layers. Please provide comfortable hats that your child can wear all morning.” Eniko Reeder

As you prepare your child to begin or return to school, check to see that you have the clothes you need to protect them while they play. Below are checklists and resources for back-to-school gear.

Supplies for your child’s cubby:

∗ sweater or sweatshirt

∗ sun hat or cap (sunscreen if necessary)

∗ soft inside shoes or slippers (

∗ raincoat with hood, rain pants, rain boots

∗ when the weather changes: snow pants, hat, scarf, mittens and snow boots

∗ All supplies should be clearly labeled with your child’s name

Please do not send children to school in media influenced clothing e.g. TV, movies or cartoon characters. This includes slippers and lunchboxes. We strive to provide an environment where children can form images from their own wellspring.