The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of many independent schools fundraising efforts. Singing Cedars School is initiating its first Annual Fund to garner funding for expansion and tuition assistance. Expansion is necessary to provide students the opportunity to continue on the Waldorf path of education and tuition assistance is integral to SCS commitment to accessibility and diversity. Each year we will build on our prior efforts as we continue to grow and nurture our children and the school. We are asking parents, teachers, board members, grandparents, friends, family and the community to contribute to the Annual Fund because each of us has a stake in our school’s success. Please join with us in making the Annual Fund a secure bedrock upon which to build the future of Waldorf Education at SCS by making your tax-deductible contribution today.

Why is the Annual Fund necessary? Tuition fees cover about 83% of the annual operating expenses of the school. With our expansion plans considered, current tuition meets only 64% of our budget for the year. We would like to budget 8% toward tuition assistance. As the Annual Fund grows we will be able to increase the support to our students and faculty.

How does SCS raise money besides the Annual Fund? The Annual Fund is one of three coordinated, strategic legs that defines our fundraising effort.The other two are the SCS Annual Raffle and School Fairs. The Annual Raffle is a campaign that focuses on our vision to build a school that supports our community with the best Waldorf-inspired outdoor-based education possible. Our growing student population challenges us to create more opportunities for creative educational experiences. This requires expanded facilities, outstanding educators, passionate administrators, a supportive community and financial stability. The first phase, creating a program for children ages 3 and younger, was accomplished in the Spring of 2017. The second phase, purchasing a new schoolhouse, was completed by the summer of 2017. The third phase, to renovate the schoolhouse completely and hire a grade school teacher, is our goal for Fall 2018.You or a member of your family can ensure the long-term financial stability of the school by making a donation on our website: Other ways SCS raises money include our Holiday Fair, Mayfaire Festival, Fundraiser Events, Giving Tuesday and grant applications.

Who supports the Annual Fund? Board members, parents, grandparents, special friends, alumni parents, faculty and businesses.

Why is participation important? The school’s financial strength is dependent upon the participation of all members of its constituency. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join you in supporting the school. It is a key indicator to foundation and corporate donors that we have consistent support from those we serve and speaks to the degree of commitment and support coming from the school community.

How much should I give? You are the only one who knows how much you are able to give. One hundred percent of SCS Board members give to the Annual Fund, and we count on every SCS family to do the same. What matters most is your participation. Each gift, no matter the size, makes an impact, and when every family gives we reach our budget and the entire community benefits. Singing Cedars School, Inc., is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and your donation is tax-deductible

Sprites           $20 – $50
Gnomes         $50 – $100
Fairies            $100 – $250
Elves              $250 – $500
Angels            $500 – $1000
Archangels    $1000 – $1500
Archai            $1500 Plus

Why not raise tuition? No independent school could charge the full cost of educating its students without pricing itself out of the market. That’s why every independent school has an Annual Fund Campaign. In addition, tuition is a non-tax-deductible contracted contribution to the school while gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible.

What makes SCS an independent school? We design our own program and curriculum, operate without financial support from federal or state government agencies, and are self-governed. Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, independent schools rely solely upon tuition revenues and philanthropic gifts to meet their operating and capital expenses.

Do corporations and foundations support the Annual Fund? Corporations typically contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees’ contributions. You can double your personal contributions through an employer’s matching gift programs – check with your employer to see if such a program is in place where you work. Foundations also give to Annual Fund campaigns when there is a direct personal connection to the school. Do you have a connection or contact with a foundation?  Please contact Meghan Dowd at 310-963-1679.

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Singing Cedars is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.