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You are your Child’s First Teacher. Baldwin, Rahima

An excellent aid for parenting. Many people feel that this is the best parenting book available.


Beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Patterson, Barbara

An excellent book for parenting support.


Festivals, Family and Food. Carey, Dina and Judy Large

A resource book for exploring the festivals–those ‘feast days’ scattered round the year which children love celebrating.


Festivals Together. Fitzjohn, Sue,  Mindo Weston and Judy Large.

A guide to multi-cultural celebration that includes stories, songs, crafts, activities, and recipes for all seasons from many lands.


Festivals with Children. Barz, Brigitte

Celebrating festivals is an important part of a child’s life. Brigitte Barz describes the nature and character of each Christian festival, its symbols and customs, and gives practical suggestions for celebrating these festivals in the family.


Earthways. Petrash, Carol

A handbook filled with many seasonal and environmental activities written by a Waldorf teacher. It features activities used in her classroom that you can do at home.

Anthroposophical Services


A Child’s Dream

A catalog for Waldorf inspired toys and materials



Anthroposophic Press

Publisher of Anthroposophic and Waldorf related books and materials



WECAN – Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America



AWSNA – Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

All you need to know about Waldorf Education